I have worked with or been around this group since the mid 90’s and have seen some of the great things they do for people. I am glad to be a volunteer with them and look forward to doing or seeing more in the future
I’m not one for a lot of words, but being a truck driver by trade and riding as my hobby i see alot of north americas highways both for work and play It’s great to see groups like B.A.D.D. doing the work they do to try and rid the roadways of the ongoing problem of drinking and driving…. keep up the good work K.W. Carlton 360 Peek-A-Boo trl. Tiny, On. L9N-0B3 P.S. and yes that is the real street and town name….
I have been a biker for over 30 years. back in 1990 I was in my car and a drunk driver ran a red light doing about 80 miles per hour. He died I lived. This is a great organization it does great work and it’s something I believe in. I am a commercial truck driver and a biker. Please don’t drink and drive. A taxi cabs a heck of a lot cheaper then a life or the fines you’re going to have to pay when you get caught and you will get caught hopefully before you kill someone.
Hard to explain how great it is to be the 2013 Grand Prize Winner !!! My experience with B.A.D.D., Danny and Didia has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. I am so thankful for my beautiful Cobra and custom motorcycle but more thankful for the opportunity to meet 2 of the most dedicated people to a most needed cause of supporting victims of bikers hit by drunk drivers. When my husband and I purchased the tickets in Key West over Christmas, I had not heard of B.A.D.D. After spending time with the volunteer and learning about Danny and his charity we were happy to support with our donation. Had no idea we would actually win anything, much less the GRAND PRIZE. I will always support this wonderful and much needed charity and thank everyone who works so hard to help us who enjoy riding so much. Thanks again Danny!! We love you and what you’re all about. Hope to see you soon. Joy and Rodney
My 19 yr old son was killed by a Drunk Driver on June 15, 2013 so after this Tragedy happened I sought support from Bikers Against Drunk Drivers and they have helped me all the way. This Organization shows they care about families in times of Sorrow. Thank You for everything you have done.
I’ve lost too many friends on the road. Its great to have guys that ride fight against drunk driving. Being on two wheels is hard enough as it is. We dont need a drunk driver making worse. These guys are trying to save lives! Ray