This is a good organization and great causei have ben rideing for 30 yrs. ciean and sober have lost two friends we need groups like this.
As a victim of a drunk driver & a member of the Biker community, I am grateful for & proud of BADD. Their message is clear & much needed! & we should take every opportunity to help spread the word!!
I think any organization that raises awareness for their cause is very necessary, if one person is saved or helped it is a blessing. BADD is working to raise awareness not only for bikers but for anyone who is effected by drunk drivers. I am proud to be able to help BADD spread their word.
Any organization who is out there helping a fellow biker or their loved ones who are in need is wonderful by me. Keep up the great work! thank u
BADD offer a fantastic opportunity for people to “contribute” to a worthy cause. Bringing us all together, united in a shared goal. UK Police are currently offering a financial reward for information leading to the conviction of a Drunk Driver. And I for one would gladly donate it, IF I were to receive the incentive. This is close to my heart, as I tragically lost my godson to a driver under the influence. Through this site, and with the clear dedication of the Organisation, WE can all play a part. Be vigilant as always, but also be vigilant in the pubs and bars. I know it may not read well, but get the intel on the driver, and the car, because in the blink of an eye, they can ruin a families life. More power to BADD. More power to us all, we owe no loyalty to drivers driving drunk, we owe us all a duty of care, and consideration. One phone call has the possibility of saving generations of a family a pointless, and cruel future. We all ride, and live our lives with one eye on consequences of OUR actions. Let us REMIND THEM OF THEIRS ! Good luck in your endeavors, ride safe,
We as bikers should set the standard on how we are in public. It is our responsibility to watch out for our own safety , but we also need to watch out for others who find themselves in a situation a drunk driver has put them in. We in Wisconsin should be more accountable than others, we are known as a drinking state. So why is it we have so many drivers on the road with more than 10 dwi???????
I so believe that BADD is a very important organization for us bikers everywhere. I guess I am a bit partial considering the founder of this great organization, Danny Perkins is a fellow Canadian. I know Danny will remember some yrs ago, a collision between a repeat drunk driver in Quebec, Canada and 3 members of The Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers, a club I have been a member of for 6 1/2 yrs and the 1st Officer of my chapter here in Woodstock, Ont. Can. for 6 yrs. BADD jumped right in and came to the aid of these bikers taken out like bowling pins, on a bend in the road, on a Sunday morning ride. One of the 3 lost part of a leg. a fundraiser was put together, which I donated too and money was raised in hopes he would be able to get a prosthetic leg at some point. I remember Danny delivering funds himself. I am very proud of this man and what he established and has continued all these yrs. One thing I would like to see one day is BADD as big as MADD and signs on the road like you see with MADD. I would love to have a stack of BADD cards to hand out because I still run into bikers today that have never heard of BADD and didn’t know there was even anything like that for bikers.
An awesome organization who has helped countless fellow bikers. Thankfully, I have had no personal experiences, but knowing they would be right there is a comfort. Much respect and appreciation for these guys.
Awesome organization, drunk driver hit my husband while he was riding and almost paralyzed him, that is why I support B.A,D.D. Respectfully Di
I have been around this group for many years even before I started riding again they do great work and help a lot of families during some very trying times. its great to be involved with such a wonderful group.