Your cause combines 2 of my passions riding my bike and bringing awareness to drunk driving. I am a LEO and an active member of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. You guys are the best of both worlds.
My husband has been to many bike shows and meets and has met B.A.D.D. riders/supporters. It was always a pleasure meeting them and they were all very pleasant. It’s been very invigorating reading others testimonials and how much B.A.D.D. has helped!
You guy are the best. As being part of our local HOG Chapter we also do what we can to help. We need more people like this group. B.A.D.D needs to be in more places around the world.
This group has far reaching effect on everyone worldwide. I have been to Australia and seen this on many Bikers vests. The impact that this group has on the biker community and on the public in general is immense as it brings to light that Drunk Driving is an issue that could effect anyone.
In 1974 I was involved in an accident that took a mans life. it was the hardest thing in my life. I have spoke at Supreme Courts in Maryland to High School kids about drinking and driving.I’ve spoke to MADD parents.I have been sober now for 7+ years and believe that God brought me through all of this so I can give back.I am an active member of a 12 step program and it seems that each year around this time (accident happen on Christmas Eve) He has me speaking/sharing at meeting. I would love to start a Chapter in Maine so if you could send me info I would be so greatful. Thank you for all that you do.God bless. Still making amends,Gary
As somebody who has been involved with motorcycling for more than 20 years, including acting as first responder at a number of accident scenes where motorcyclists were the victims of drunk drivers, I cannot stress enough the importance of getting this message out there!
Being a Firefighter/Paramedic I am an avid supporter of B.A.D.D! Riding a motorcycle is dangerous enough without impairment. Keep up the good work!!!
I am a woman who rides, a mother and a wife. the thought of losing any of my family including myself turns my stomach. there are far to many people out there that drink and drive. No one should lose a loved one to someones bad choice to drink and drive. this organization is instrumental in getting the word out there that is NOT ok to drink and drive. I back them 100% in their mission. awesome group of people!
Can any venture be more worthy? B.A.D.D. saves lives, pure and simple. Every day I read posts, stories really, about the consequences of drinking and driving. This group not only opens eyes to the problem from all angles, but also help survivors and their families. I look forward to the B.A.D.D. News every day!
As the former spouse of an alcoholic, I think that this group is amazing. 7 years ago he was taking a joy ride (With the children) and decided to go 55 in a 25. He slammed on the breaks when coming to a very sharp turn. The breaks werent enough for the stone he was carrying in the back of his truck. It took a parked vehical and a storage structure to stop him. The stone came through the back window and bounced off tge dash and hit my daughter in the face. My other daughter, by the grace of god, was unharmed. He ended up blowing a .19 on his breathalizer test. I got the phone call while I was at work. It was the most horrible feeling in the world. I wish I had someone to help me through the whole ordeal. I am glad that there is a group that can help someone not feel alone when something like that happens.