It is so refreshing and inspirational when people who appear to be normal, average everyday people; step up and show how out of the ordinary they are by helping someone who could never truly repay them. And who better to help then children. Every Member / Biker who volunteers in this fashion, restores my faith in humanity. The works is better for having this organization and everyone in it.
As a grandfather who recently had my 4 year old grandaughter die in a car crash, I all too well know the heartbreak we go thru when a CHILD is endangered. I’m honored to be allowed to be a member of B.A.D.D. It’s such a Great organization. Children are our MOST precious gift from God!! They are the most vulnerable, and they NEED people like the ‘angels’ from B.A.D.D. to help protect them. We’re all of the same heart, protect those who can’t protect themselves!!! Even Jesus talked about the great importance of children, (Mar 9:42) “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea. I’m thankful this great organization exists, and that I can partake in their goals of keeping our children safe. I hope many more people will become involved with this organization
As a biker,I have seen way too many who have been injured or lost their lives due to the negligence and carelessness of others. B.A.D.D. is such a huge support & advocate for bikers and their families. The best of brotherhood…
In March of 2012 I lost a co-worker, Jason Strickland , to a careless drunk driver. Jason had just gotten off that morning from his job as an EMT in Atlanta, GA. On his way home he was hit from behind by a drunk driver who too was on his way home from an all night outing at a local strip club. I support B.A. D.D. In any way shape and forum. To many people have been lost both in cages (cars) and bikes from these careless individuals .
Just a really great organization to make us so aware of drunk drivers and the tragedies they cause against us as Bikers and also all people that have lost love ones to some who choose to drink and drive..I appreciate them for taking this stand to this on going the holidays are upon us we see way to many situations of this happening and I am so glad that Bikers Against Drunk Drivers are out there to further educate all people on this very bad problem..thanks again for their time and energy in this..
bikers against drunk drivers is a fantastic group. doing there best to get the word out that drinking and driving damages peoples lives. as for me I was hit by a fellow rider back in 06 on a poker run he was drunk, I was sober we both landed in the ditch me with my foot severed and him with a broken leg. rushed to hosp. and both of us were treated they reattached my foot[thank god] and after months of healing i’m back on my bike.never will I do a poker run again. not because of the wreck because that’s a chance we all take when riding, but because poker runs promote drinking and driving. and any time I can help b.a.d.d.i will support them to the fullest
Stopped into Bruce Rossmmeyers Daytona Harley Davidson and found a volunteer selling tickets to raise funds for BADD and of coarse purchased 20 tickets and became aware of your great work. The awareness you bring and the wonderful work you do is second to none. Thanks for allowing me a channel to donate. Keep up the good work and hello from Canada. Thanks
Your organization is great! Watching and hearing all you do for others is awesome! You are there in time of need for others without hesitation. Keep the good work i will proudly display your patch and stickers! ♡
This is a great community filled with amazing people and stories. The cause they support is a growing epidemic and this helps get people involved to try and make a difference and to get help to those that need it most.
I lost my boyfriend recently in an alocohol related motorcycle accident this year and I went to this organization for support. They are a doing a fantastic job of raising awareness for a great cause. I want to thank them for being such an impact on so many lives. What a fabulous organization!