These guys a great organization they help those who are ineed an gives us bike riders a voicei go to skulleys an know a lot of folks that do this and i thank that this a great charity for helping people who need it .thanis to B.A.D.D. Y’ALL ARE GREAT
This organization definantly brings the “X-Factor” (a hard to describe quality) thones behind his groupe support and the ones behind this group are amazing! As a rider I support my brothers 100%
It really brings joy to my heart to see the people who are so often and very much maligned stepping out to help where all the others just turn and walk away. It really underscores the values we as bikers put foremost in our lives. God Bless each one of y’all
It is hard to put into words just how much a group like this helps a community. Not only in support or aid to those affected personally by this plague that has gotten out of hand. But also in bring out awareness to those that this type of thing has just become common place in this country. So that they ‘Think Before Driving’, ‘Look Twice’ and ‘Watch Out’ for that which is not right. And for it to be a group of Bikers that has a bad stereotype of having a ‘Don’t get a ****’ attitude about everything. And to show people that ‘Bikers’ are not that stereotypical group…we do have a heart, we are caring people and will do what is needed in any way we can. Well that is enough to make a girl cry with joy to be a part of…even if only by continuing to spread the word.
BADD is an outstanding group, I appreciate their efforts in DWI/DUI education to all. I’ll always help when I can. Retired Texas Peace Officer, Firefighter/Paramedic, seen too much..
I am happy that there is a Foundation that makes people aware how big a threat is driving under the influence of liquor. And it is not only for the drunk people but also (or perhaps above all) the man who is in the second car, passes through roadways or just walking down the sidewalk. Just THANK YOU!
This an organization who has without a doubt helped many victims. Let me tell you about myself I am a victim of a drunk driver two times in my life.Yes two times. First time-I spent for age 9 to 12 in and out of the hospital.This included 9 months in a full body cast from my neck to my toes and including both legs. A year in a wheel chair with the diagnosis of never walking again. Thanks to great people and great therapist I not only started walking but went back to playing hockey Second time- I was 18 and was a top prospect to play for the Philadelphia Flyers. I worked my butt off to get here. After a playoff game one night while outside waiting for the team bus a fan that was drunk lost control of his car in the parking lot and yes ,you guessed it, I was hit again. This time taking any chance I would have of playing hockey again on that level. What makes all of this even worse is First Time- Driver skips the state and never found Second Time- Driver does not receive any consequences at all Organizations like this prevent this from happening. I would not be endorsing this organization if I did not see the countless hours and personal time dedicated to helping these victims.Not to mention allot of their own funds. They work tirelessly to get results. This organization is showing relentless effort and could use all the endorsements it can get. Please help them in anyway that you can. This comes from an expert in this field.
I use to live in Texas and am now in Indianapolis ,Indiana and I see so many ppl drinking n driving and so much happens tht I get angry bout it ..I see ppl here riding those mopads cuz they lost there license but they don’t have to have a license to drive one of those due to drinking n driving and it truly upsets me cuz they can still hurt someones family on those lil things as well,Why allow this when they are the ones who desided to drink n drive but they seem to get a smack on the hand and still get to get around on two wheels .. im very upset w this cuz I knw other places u have to have a lic no matter what ur driving ..I have always liked n kept up w B.A.D.D and also B.A.C.A,two of my favorite types of organizations for the good of familys and kids..
As a new member to this group I am impressed by the empathy and compassion for people but not surprised – bikers are a special breed of people who take care of each other in times of trouble and also just enjoy a common goal of enjoying freedom and laughter.
My son is in the Air Force, in 2004 three weeks before he was to marry his soul mate, she was killed. I remember as if it just happened. It was 1:00 a.m. when the phone rang and I saw the number was a overseas number ( my son was in Japan ). I answered to the screams of my son saying Claire is dead. I remember trying to calm him down and get a phone number to his SGT, got the number called his Sgt. who got right to my son. Then I had to make to call to Claire”s mom Kathy as a mother I did not know what I was going to say to her. Claire had been apart of our lives for 3 years she was like a daughter to me and was going to be my daughter in 3 weeks not my daughter-in-law. Our families were close so what was I going to say to Kathy a parents worst nightmare just happened to her. Kathy answered the phone with such a calm voice, I was set back a little. I later found out she seen it was my number and she wanted to be calm for me because she knew just how much I loved Claire and that I was hurting for the lose of Claire, the pain my son was going through and their pain, ( This is how beautiful of a family Claire had, her mom was worried about me) that call was hard. Claire was a beautiful angel, she stuck up against bullies when she was in high school, She stood for all that was right and had a very strong love for animals. She was a champion diver and was starting her first year of college, she was going to be an Architect and trust me she would have been a great Architect. On that fateful night she had went to one of her friends house to drop off a book. Her friend had some other people over and this guy was very drunk and was going to drive himself home. Claire took his keys from him and said she would give him a ride home. We really don’t know or understand what happened on the country road. The guy who survived said Claire lost control while speeding, she then corrected her car but for some reason he said she lost control again and he crabbed the wheel that is when the drivers side of the car hit a very big utility pole, Claire was killed instantly, the guy was uninjured. Nothing made sense about the accident, Claire did not speed she drove like a little old lady. We brought in a accident expert and had the steering wheel finger printed. The results were not what the guy had said happened, it showed his finger prints all over the string wheel and the marks on the road showed one sharp skid straight to the pole. Even the police did not believe his story but did not have enough evidence to charge him with cause the accident. What the police and the accident expert think may have happened was he made a pass at Claire and she was fighting him off and he crabbed the wheel and she hit her brakes and the car hit the pole. Claire lost her life trying to make sure a drunk driver did not get behind the wheel of his car. (Yes Claire did know this guy he was not a stranger). Her funeral was delayed for three days so my son could get back to the states. He visitation started at 5:00 and was to end at 8:00, it did not end until after 11:00. We knew Claire had touched a lot of lives but not that many. Such beautiful stories we heard about this beautiful angel. Through the visitation my son never cried, I set there the whole time my heart breaking for her family, my son and all of us who loved her so. Wondering why such a loving, caring sharing young lady’s life was cut so short. I know we are not to question God but we are human. The funeral was the next day, my son was a pallbearer when the casket was loaded into the hearse my son shut the door right then and there he fell to his knees and broke down for the first time he knew that was the last time he would see his beautiful Claire, here on earth. I ran as fast as I could to my son, I wanted so bad to bring Claire back and to take my son’s pain away but I could not do that. He had to deal with his lose in his way and time. It has been 9 years we all have moved on with our lives, but Claire is not far from us. I wish when this tragedy happened that B.A.D.D. was around, I truly believe B.A.D.D. would of been there for us and maybe could of helped us get justice for Claire! B.A.D.D. are angels and we are all so lucky to have them doing the great work that they do. I personally have not had an experience with B.A.D.D but I have seen what they have done and support them 100%. May God watch over each of you.