A fantastic organization bringing awareness to a very serious cause. Bikers care! A true biker will never let his brother ride while drinking, too many brothers and sisters are lost senselessly, Ride and Drink responsibly!!
in the past year , each rally my boy friend and i attended . We met alot of fellow bikers who pretty much talked about what B.A.D.D stands for . with everything from support to getting the word out to other people. to make them more aware of the great cause and organization you have.. like alot of others have said in the past … A true biker will never let his or her fellow biker drive.. when me and boyfriend are out riding we drink soda or water…
I applaud BADD for helping to inform people of the dangers of drinking and driving, especially on motorcycles. We don’t participate in “poker runs” that stop at bars because too many people feel the need to drink alcohol at these stops. Continue the good work!
I would like to first say thank you to everyone at B.A.D.D. for everything they do to gain awareness and to help out people affected by these tragedies. They truly have helped countless people prevent a loss through promoting awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving or to be there when help is needed coping with one. I have seen what can happen firsthand when a good time goes bad via alcohol and vehicles being combined and it never turns out the way you wish it too. This company has my utmost respect and I am truly thankful for all they do for communities worldwide.
I like all thing things your organization is doing for bikers and others that are affected by people who drink and drive – I had a sister who was hit by a drunk driver, she survived (thank god) but others aren’t that lucky – organizations like yours help them in so many ways .
I just wanted to thank you guys for all the wonderful work u guys hv done spreading awareness abt this epidemic in the united states. I got a DUI in 1996 and THANK GOD I didn’t hurt anyone and I wenmt to jail, the Victim Inpact Panel really opened my eyes and I NEVER drove drunk again, as a matter of fact ill be CLEAN & SOBER for 3years in Feb PRAISE GOD!! keep it up guys
I believe in this charity as it is the hands and feet of Christ Jesus in that it is looking out for those of us and our families, friends who ride these roadways day after day. Let us put a stop to the many alcohol related death that are so sad. And let us be the light in this dying world to expose the harmful effects of this hurt, habit and hangup.
As a Veteran, Biker, and accident survivor. I am always grateful for organizations like B.A.D.D. that give support when needed. Plus go out of their way to keep our roads safer. Keep it up! You will always have my support.
I would like to say thank you to all of you at BAAD for everything you do. Your organization helps so many people come together to talk, and in talking about their situations begin to heal. I am so inspired by a lot of the stories I read on your page. Thank all of you who have posted stories, who have shared parts of your lives with all of us. Praying everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. And again….thank you.
Thank you guys for everything. I lost my dad two years ago to a drunk driver on his nightly ride. He was struck by an on coming car and flew him into a ditch to be found with a broken neck. I myself am a biker and I support everything you guys do to keep our people aware and roads safe.