This group is highly focused on getting the message out. Recently lost a local Northern VA couple riding two-up when a drunk driver turned left in front of them. This has got to stop. Too many bikers and friends in cages have had serious contact/encounters with drunk or distracted drivers. I stand behind B.A.D.D. and their mission.
My boyfriend lost his leg to a drunk driver on Galveston Island, we had ridden down there with friends for the weekend. This is the first I’ve seen of this organization but I will put my support behind it 100%. With every ones help we can put an end to bikers and others alike from what can and almost always is a life altering event.
Years ago my brother was hit by a drunk driver. 3 days in the ICU and we got him back, but he was never the same. B.A.D.D shares a clear and uncompromising message. Don’t drink and drive. Bike, cage, whatever. We’ve said goodbye to too many brothers and sisters because of this stupid act.
I have been on a number of rides and seen bikers not make it after a little too much to drink or a drunk driver hitting a motorcycle. I have personally committed to not drink and ride and found this organization on Facebook through a mutual friend. Lets spread this great organization world wide and make sure we ride safe every day.
I have seen so many stories about BADD helping so many families that are victims! They are a wonderful organization and help people become more aware if things going on! They are very special group and wouldn’t change anything about this great oorganization! Keep up the great work!!!:-)
My husband has been a rider for years. That is how we met,him and a bunch of guys came over on their bikes and we went riding. so many of our veteran brothers have gone on…RIDE ON!!!!
I can’t even begin to tell you what a blessing it is to know that B.A.D.D. is out there helping those that have endured loss and heighten awareness. There is a certain understanding from one biker to another that can not be matched and having that during the darkness of loss is wonderful. Thank you for all you do!
I am currently in the fight of my life with stage four ovarian cancer. I contacted BADD on Facebook requesting permission to share my fundraiser on their page and they gladly did so. They are an amazing nonprofit that has impacted many peoples lives including mine. Thank you for being there for us in times of need. Keep up the good work!
BADD does so much for so many people, we need more groups doing the same, it’s an Honor to be able to join them on the rides and help those in need… Keep up the good work.