Winner # 5 Picks Up His Prize

BADDCentralMarch 15, 2011

Tim Hinson dropped by BADD Headquarters to claim his prize. He had the choice of 5 colors and grabbed the Red and Black 50th Anniversary Panhead. Anthony from BADD presenting the winner his keys

Winner # 6 Picks Up His Panhead


Roscoe Stanley from Jacksonville Florida picked up his 5oth anniversary Panhead today. He had the choice of 5 colors and he and his son chose the Sky Blue. Roscoe grabbed 60 tickets during Bikeweek at our display at Destination Daytona.

Winner # 7 Makes His Choice

Grand Junction ColoradoMarch 14, 2011

Gregory E Hughes grabbed 400 tickets last year at our display at Destination Daytona. Greg decided on the 1923 Ford T Bucket

Grand Prize Winner #1 Makes His Choice

Aurora Colorado

Nick Gurule of Aurora Colorado is our 1st grand prize winner. After plenty of thought Nick decided to grab the ZZ-Top signed Custom Gibson Themed Chopper. This baby was built by Big Daddy Choppers back in 2004,We gave it away … Read more


Daytona Beach FloridaMarch 13, 2011

1) Kenny L Vaughn # 1860318 (Bike Week For Life Unit # 702 Royal Floridian) 2) Charles Knapp # 9383006 (Bike Week For Life Unit # 716 Royal Floridian) 3) Sam Pelotto # 599425 (1919 Ford Speedster) 4) Stephani Monaghan … Read more

BADD Supports Key West SPCA

Key WestJune 7, 2010

BADD donated $1,000.00 today to “Oscars Fund” for emergency medical treatment. Our founder almost lost it when a black lab ran out in the middle of the road Saturday evening. As it turned out the black lab is now at … Read more

BADD Sponsors Local Team

Key WestMay 31, 2010

BADD is proud to sponsor local Sailors from VFC-11, FRC, and VFA-106 in the Bayview Park Co-ed softball league.The team will start in July and be seen on the field as the BADD Bandits Angie Koogler receives a check for … Read more

Melisa and Eric Lewis Next Winners

HawaiiMarch 21, 2010

Melisa and Eric Lewis won ” Bike Week for Life” a condo at the Royal Floridian. Shown above with their NightTrain. They supported us at Caesars Palace in Vegas.

2010 Grand Prize Winner Picks Up His Rides

Biker HeavenMarch 20, 2010

Robert Putney of New Jersey dropped by our headquarters to load up his new Lone Star Cobra and 2009 Heritage Softail. Robert and his wife picked up 125 tickets at our Key West location.