Scorpions Sign Up With BADD

Quebec CityOctober 25, 1988

The Scorpions met with Danny Perkins today in Quebec City to sign the poster and a Gibson V scheduled for auction.The group is one of the top metal bands in the world and we are proud to have their support.

Stevie Ray Vaughan Rides Harley On Stage

Montreal CanadaSeptember 20, 1988

Stevie Ray Vaughan rode the B.A.D.D. Hog up on stage before a gig at the University of Montreal yesterday. He also posed for several photos and autographed an offwhite Fender Strat that Danny Perkins actually hand built 2 hours before showing up, from spare parts.Stevie liked the piece and asked lots of questions about it.The guitar […]

AC/DC Rocks Montreal And Signs Up With BADD

MontrealSeptember 6, 1988

In our opinion AC/DC is the greatest Rock and Roll Band in the world.Which is why we are honored to have them support BADD.Here is Danny Perkins with guitarist Angus Young presenting us with a Gibson SG, also singer Brian Johnston can be seen signing the BADD poster.

Andy Summers Of The Police With BADD

La RondeSeptember 2, 1988

The lead guitarist from The Police supports BADD backstage at the floating stage in La Ronde.Here he is with Danny Perkins presenting a Roland Midi guitar.

Iggy Pop Continues Support

MontrealAugust 20, 1988

The original punk Iggy Pop came out to support BADD and sing a few while on his comeback tour to promote “Wild Child” Here he is backstage with Danny Perkins Founder and Executive Director of BADD

Brian Ferry Of Roxy Music Signs Up

MontrealAugust 18, 1988

Brian Ferry lent his name to BADD as well he donated a stage worn jacket that will be on display at Montreal Hard Rock Cafe.