Grand Prize Winner Picks Up Prizes

Destination DaytonaMarch 21, 2009

Bobby Jones Ticket #6908825 came all the way back from Texas to pick up his prizes. Bobby and his buddy Henry Martinez supported BADD at our Main street location during Bike Week however they had already left for Texas on Saturday night and did not get our call until they arrived back in San Angelo. […]

Julie Meconnahey Picks Up Her New Chopper

BADD HeadquartersMarch 20, 2009

Julie Meconnahey ticket #4850364 picked her new Chopper up today at Bruce Rossmeyers Destination Daytona. Pictured is BADD Rep Barbara, Mandy Rossmeyer,BADD Rep Sam and the winner on her new ride.

Winner #5 Mike Swafford Picks Up His New Harley

Motorcycle HeavenMarch 19, 2009

Mike Swafford ticket #5067764 picked up his brand new Road King today at Destination Daytona. Pictured is Dean Pepe, The Winner holding up his keys and President Lynn Ricks “Danny, I cant tell you how exited I am to come to Daytona next week and pickup my Road King. The good news is, I was […]

Winner Receives Deluxe

St.Laurent QuebecMarch 18, 2009

Freddie Borshan ticket #5861461 Freddie pictured with his prize. Freddie supported us at the Hard Rock Cafe in Montreal last summer.

BADD Finally Tracks Down Winner

Destination DaytonaMarch 16, 2009

President Lynn Ricks spent the week tracking down one of our winners. Julie Meconnahey’s winning ticket #4850364 was pulled by Lynn during last Sundays big draw. Julie was called within minutes and a voice message was left. After 2 days with no call back repeat messages were left as well we looked her name up […]

Another Grand Prize Winner Picks Up Prizes

Destination DaytonaMarch 13, 2009

Vernon Sutton of TN picked up his grand prizes today at BADD’s Headquarters. Vernon received 50 tickets during Bike Week from BADD Rep Anna. Pictured on top photo is Dean Pepe of Bruce Rossmeyers Destination Daytona, the lucky winner and his wife and President Lynn Ricks.

4th Prize Winner John Cayton Picks Up Prize

Destination DaytonaMarch 12, 2009

John Cayton of North Carolina ticket # 5783972 picked up his prize today at BADD’s Headquarters. John grabbed tickets at both Myrtle Beach Bike events Spring and Fall. Pictured is BADD President Lynn Ricks, The lucky winner BADD Rep Sam Flores and the winners son on the chopper

10th Place Winner Picks Up His Custom Fatboy

Destination DaytonaMarch 10, 2009

Paul Davis our 10th lucky winner picked up his custom Fatboy today at Destination Daytona. Pictured is Dean Pepe of Bruce Rossmeyers Destination Daytona, Paul Davis, Barbara our rep that supplied the winning ticket to Paul and president Lynn Ricks.

Winners Jane and Winnie Pick Up Prize

St. Johns New Brunswick CanadaMarch 9, 2009

Pictured is Jane and Winnie from St.Johns New Brunswick. The girls supported BADD at McAllister Mall during the Holidays. They won the custom Bobberv