A New Dawn – A Victim’s Story

dawn From Dawn Davis, Danny and everyone at BADD… you can’t imagine how flabbergasted I was when your check arrived from the Victim’s Assistance Fund, my jaw hit the floor, I couldn’t speak, and tears filled my eyes. Your incredible support, emotional and financial, has been a God send. I was able to buy Sophia a beautiful crib (I haggled a great deal too), purchase some necessities, and open her savings account. She is growing fast and way ahead of the curve at 4 months, teething, sitting up, laughing, holding her bottle and trying to feed herself with the spoon. We had a scare last month when she turned blue one night, 2 days in Scottish Rite Childrens Hospital discovered her reflux is so bad that Zantac and thicker formula was the cure… she is doing great and gaining fast. We are ready for her first Christmas and looking forward to a new year. Everyone at BADD and their supporters that liked or commented on our story helped me keep a flame alive and I didn’t feel so alone at a very dark time… I wish I could wrap my arms around all of you and let you know exactly what a wonderful blessing you are to us! Merry Christmas and ride safe… love from my family to all of yours, Dawn P.S. Sophia’s eyes have turned exactly Brandon’s shade of sea gray/blue… the curve of her lip, his long guitar playing fingers, the ready to take on the world by herself attitude… I see him, but I also see myself and a beautiful future.