Drunk Driving Victims Tell Their Stories

I am writing this to all of you so that you may catch even the slightest idea of what that drunk driver did not only to my mom but to every single person who knew and loved her (trust me there are many) I was in 9th grade when I got a phone call during lunch . It was my dad , which was between us unusual at the time . When I asked him what he wanted all he said in a somber voice was that my mother was in the hospital hit by a vehicle and that she was in critical condition. I felt my heart drop through to my stomach , a knot that made me feel nauseous as if I was about to the throw up. The situation at the time was too dire for the doctors to allow visitors , so we had to wait a week before we could even see her and it would be a months before she would see us. My brother Clinton was in grade 7 at the time , he had known her less than me since we hadn’t all lived together in years . However every Sunday we would all go bowling in that time it seemed my brother was angry at her . My vision of that relationship changed after seeing his reaction to being told . He broke down , as you’d expect from a 13 year he didn’t understand the situation and when we saw her for the first time he just couldn’t look at her . It wasn’t our mother in the bed before us , it was a twisted monster , more plastic and metal the human flesh . It was a monster eyes rolled back with tubes, wires and machines crowding her . I felt like I was going to vomit when the doctors led us to that particular bed in the ICU , Clinton just wouldn’t look . At first the doctors told us all she was going to die . I knew deep down that she wouldn’t she was my mom and surely if she was going to die I’d feel it first ! My entire family was a wreck , but after 9 long months She woke up. That’s when they broke the news to her that she wouldn’t ever walk again .That’s when Clinton walked up to her bedside held her swollen hands , looked at her and said ” don’t worry mom I will help you walk again” . Well once again they were wrong . It wasn’t long at all before she got sick of being in that hospital and made her big escape , only to be brought back hours later for her own safety because she had tubes still coming out of her neck for dialysis  .  Not long after she was released with the doctors permission did she start teaching herself to walk again . I’d say my confidence in doctors was sinking , but if you could see what trauma they helped reverse in her body , what damage they were able to repair and reduce you be amazed . My mom was a fighter and it was her will to live that kept her here . Time will never erase the misery we experienced during the more than 9 month journey through hell our family went through . Nearly everyday the crying would start fresh ,  the thoughts and fears never leaving us for more than a few minutes . As is true in this kind of case , what agony my mum couldn’t feel deep in that coma , was placed up us all individually .  They leave scars on a person . You’ll never see the scars except on the victim , but our souls and hearts were damaged far under our skin . The bottomless sadness of loss and uncertainty , the unforgivable hatred against the man who did this . Memories of how bleak and dull the sun could look even as it blazed in its fullest glory . Those are what scar the hearts of those of us left behind the dead and the broken .   Please don’t ever drink and drive Darren