CMC Victim Fund Hits 15K Mark

Canadian CruisersAfter several meetings with members of the CMC in Montreal and Kirkland the CMC fund created for their downed brothers has taken off.The fund will be a permanent part of BADD`s mandate and will continue to grow. The fund will be available to the CMC when needed.100% of all orders for tickets from now on from members of the CMC will go into this fund and a progress report will be posted on our page as well as news and a link to their page.BADD hopes to grow along with the CMC in Canada and all members that contribute will receive a BADD patch to show their support.Below is a list of members and concerned non riders who have contributed to the fund. Rick Smith,  Bob Godin,  Dino Rossi,Eric Eliakis, Mike and Mary Slade,Tim Yow, Robert Townsend, Raymond King, Ashod Martirossian, Paul Cuddy, Marie DAoust,Conrad Peek, Rick Eggett,Elliot Picken, Mark Wayne Walls,Clyde Hadley, Harold Jordan,  Kristine Postma, Bob”Otis”Lloyd, Scott Moyer, Chris Nadon, John Ellis,Dolly Pryde, Christopher Hall, Mike Wilson, Glen Wilkes, Alfred Ray Martin, Tim Yntema, Maggie Robinson, Marc Joly, Norm Peterson, Ron Hyslop, Carl Britan, Gilbert Borgogno,Glen Shoebridge, Reg Green, Jennifer Victor, Darryl Thomsen, L.K. Jelasco, Raymond Guitard, Lisa Chambers, Matt Hajer, Andrew Farnel, Barbara Greenberg, Jim and Jackie Collette,Robert Green, Robert Ingram, Michael J. Horner, Tannis Fuhr, Henri Gachon,Denis Mineault, Penny Vokey,Allen Ward,Greg Szymborski, John Valley, Danny Mcewen.Robin Peterman, Debbie Davis, Murray MacKinnon, Christopher Trobacher, Robert Fisher, Fen Gilpin, Garry and Joyce Abbey, Brian Lagor, Eilleen Robbins, Mario Goncalves, John Taylor, Mona Viator, Jennifer Bushman.Nancie Reis, Glenn “KingPin” Healey, Darrin “Giver” Ladds, Glenn Boles, Suzanne Gleason, Ron Hyslop, Dale Tellier, David Bond, Lisa Comeau,Dan Phillips, Real “RM” Marchand, Jeff McHaffie.Maurice Obergan, Chris Bell, Richard ” Rico” Boucher, Diana Hammond, Andy Small, Chris Cathcart, John Medeiros,Carol Penpeck, Neil and Izzy Leventhal,Don Cools, George “Da Bear” Greenspoon, Dennis and Sherry Kaufman, Claude Lemire.Ray Millen, Mary Robb and Judy Fryer,Robert Irvin, Werner Frei, Raymond Wright.All the CMC members that showed up and donated at Guelph/Cambridge bike night on Weds.Mike Voland,Michelle Hogan, Martin Bass. Tony Barac, Ed Belluz, Sherri Belluz, Tina Hogg, Kelly McNeil-Smith, Dan Donovan, Michelle Donovan, A. Zuccala, Mike Palmer.Robert Holloway, Marilyn Gilbert, Terry Loebber, Dan Bransfield, Dan Deluca, J.R. Ross, Kevin Clark, Don Carley, , Jeff Prickett, Steve Holloway, Theresa Ardruskievicz, Laura McMillian.Aimee McMillian, Eric McMillian,Susan McMillian, Karen Brenner, Greg Knickle Postie, John Taylor, Rick Kukainis, Ken Beach, Angie Fyke, John Reaume, Wayne Bowman, Isobel Dobbin.Marshia Carley, Greg Belluz, Anthony Belluz, Larry Kitzman, Steve Branch, Alberto Mangaser, Gary Sanford, Debbie Davis,Mike Richard, Robert Bowe, Robert James Rabb, Randy Brasch.William Barnes, Donna Palladino, CherylGrono, John Alteen, Mark Clark, Fred Groth, Jennifer Fernald, Travis Anderson, Wiley Montana, Brian Dunn, Dennis Blagirowicz.Michel Malette, Robert Laflamme, Ronald Poirier, Wayne Simmerson, Daniel Morin, Gregory Collins, Lucien Groulx, Francis Belanger, Troy Tofflemire,Everyone that showed up and donated at the Place D`Orleans Cruise In Show in Ottawa Weds night. Special thanks to Jeremy Perkins who broke a record for most raised in 3 hours, and Bob Godin for his organizational skills.Paul Zumph, Dave Blanchette, Michael Stumph, Joey Beaudin, Dan Normand, Gordon Mullen, Shawn Larabie, Marc Jaccard, Jo Anne Tremblay, Jacques Tremblay, Theresa Bowman, Mike Howell.Robert Flowers, Marlene Menzies, Alain Desrosiers, Kingdom of Dreams Educators, Louis Belliveau, Guy Charbonneau.National TourTotal raised at Ottawa show Sept 5: $2,480.00Total raised at Cardinal CMC Sept 11th :$690.00Total raised in Guelph/Cambridge Sept 12th :$330.00Total raised in Pickering/ScarboroughSept 13th :$830.00Total raised in Hamilton Sept 14th :$235.00Total raised in Sault St. Marie Sept 15th : $75.00Total raised in Thunder Bay Sept 16th : $195.00Total raised in Saskatoon Sept 17th  $380.00Total raised in Edmonton Sept 19th : $500.00Total raised on Vancouver Island @ Parksville Toy Run Sept 23rd : $1225.00The Fund Total :$13,000.00Presented $13,000.00 to Walter Menegazzo Sept 26th 2007Tammy Maxwell 40.00Clifford Daggett 100.00Steve Thomas 100.00Mike Daigle 32.00Ray Favichia 20.00Elaine Stark 100.00Terry Anderson 40.00Beverly Cook 40.00Steven Sheridan 20.00Jennifer Victor 40.00Roger Henley 20.00Rosa Ferlaino 40.00Steve Pierson 40.00Travis “Terry” Anderson 40.00Ronnie Waldrup 20.00Greg Rose 20.00Octave Vaillancourt 20.00Antonio Caligiuri 75.00Scott Bergemann 75.00Daniel Guitard 20.00Brenda Guitard 20.00Denver Pritt 20.00Michael O’Brien 20.00Jim Korenyi 40.00Douglas McBean 20.00Peter Csizmadia 20.00Larry and Shelly Boisvenue 20.00David Lloyd 20.00Don Mustard 40.00Denis Mineault 40.00William Hepditch 40.00David Scholz 20.00Conrad Peek 75.00Alan Hagen 20.00Rick Tremaine 75.00Brian Hornibrook 20.00Allan Shipp 20.00Douglas Doerksen 20.00Rick Joad 20.00Mike MacGregor 40.00Marcel Jeanson 40.00Keith Ketchaban 20.00Randy Milton 120.00Brad Wagorn 20.00Gregory Soucie 75.00 Donald Harris 20.00 Karen Milmine 75.00 Daniel Gontar 75.00 Crystal Tye 40.00 Richard Briscoe 40.00 TED PRUSAKOWSKI 20.00 Gilles Lepage 80.00 Darryl Constable 20.00 Douglas Poll 75.00 Nathan Campbell 20.00 David Alan Druen 20.00 Dennis Riches 40.00 John Verkaik 5.00 Robert A. Swyers 75.00 Dave Lawrence 20.00 Nathan 20.00 Keith Ketchabaw 40.00 Al Burnett : 20.00 Brian Doyle: 20.00 Matthew Spires : 20.00 Vince Wilcox : 20.00 Reg Gareau : 20.00 Patrick Vaillancourt : 20.00 ALLAN LAWRENCE :40.00 Randy Washburn : 20.00 John Hunter : 20.00 Maureen Beauregard 40.00 Joe Verhaeghe 20.00 Rodney McInnis 20.00 Andrew Marien 20.00 Normand Lainey : 20.00 Gary Daoust : 20.00Fund Total :$2792.00