BADD supports the Trusty Family

“My twin brother, Michael Trusty (Navy Seabee First Class) was in a motorcycle accident while riding his 2019 Harley Davidson Street Glide Special (blacked out) to Norfolk Base in Virginia Beach, VA on November 4, 2019.

He had recently purchased his bike for Harley of New Orleans around Memorial Day in May 2019. He was headed to work when a 16 year old girl turned left into his left side on the bike. My brother and his bike landed approximately 20 feet (or more) away from the accident site. He was unconscious when the EMTs arrived.

He came to when he was in the ambulance and preceded to go in an out of consciousness until he was in recovery at the hospital. Luckily he did not sustain a concussion, head injury or worse.

The SUV the young girl was driving hit him on his left highway bar which crushed his ankle and foot. He underwent surgery to repair the damages to his left foot, which included 30 pins and screws; however, he sustained irreparable nerve damage which would prevent his from having a normal walking stride. The Drs. did all they could to save the foot, but in the end he was given two options, 1. keep the foot and not walk normal due to pain the rest of his life, or 2. amputate and undergo extensive rehab and utilize prosthetics.

He opted for amputation so he can have as normal as a life as he can.

They took his left foot and 8 inches of his tibia and fibula bones. He is only 36, with an 11 year old son and a wife. He has been overseas multiple times to Bahrain, Djibouti, Baghdad, Afghanistan, and Japan in hostile environments yet loses a limb here on home soil due to negligence.

He is currently in D.C. at the Walter Read Medical center undergoing rehab. He recently had to undergo surgery again as he sustained a bone infection where they had to remove another 1 centimeter.

He is in good spirits and recovering well. His Navy command has also opted to keep him for the remainder of his enlistment, ~3.5 years, when he can retire after having completed his 20 years of service.

We are all just grateful he is still with us. He has an optimistic view on his future and cannot wait to see what it holds.”

-Richard Trusty