Their Stories

Hey everyoneI just want to say a quick thank you to all of you reading this as well as BADD and Danny for contuing to support me in so many ways each and everyday . Now that that’s out of the way the story I am about to tell you will be sometimes graphic and sometimes emotional so grab some tissues before you start .On April 16 th 2007 I went for my morning bike ride from Surrey BC to Vancouver ( about a 1.5 hour trip) and took the sky train back just like most mornings . This day wasn’t a very pretty morning it was cold and wet making me exhausted . I got off the sky train back in Surrey and decided to just walk my bike for a bit . Maybe 3-4 minutes before I was the second intersection waiting for the crosswalk light to light up and chirp. I remember stepping out I remember the flash of red and I remember my last thought was ” damn this ones going to hurt” before it was lights out for me .I was struck by a Dodge caravan that was traveling at roughly 93 kilometers per hour . I know this now because the insurance corps own engineer and accident recreation team put that in their records. I am told that even though I was hit 150 ft away from Surrey Memorial Hospitals emergency door they rushed me to the neighboring city who had just opened the doors of their new state of the art trauma center. The last voice I heard for the better part of the following year was “stat to Royal have the trauma team waiting we have a Caucasian female mid to late 20’s she was DOA”The next voice I would hear was my youngest son who was 13 at the time saying ” somebody hurry my moms awake , my moms alive” . Confusion clouding my brain and I am feeling sharp piercing pain all over my body before I am unconscious again . I am told at this point they put me in a medically induced coma to keep me from waking up scared and thrashing out possibly inflicting more trauma to all my newly operated on incisions . The next I would wake up was months later . Doctors and nurses bustling all around me . Tubes and wires coming out of places on my body I didn’t know existed and I couldn’t speak . A few days of lying there drugged and blurred my first visitor would arrive . My ex boyfriend Dave . He was to be the one to break the initial news to me that I was in hospital, being well taken care , that somethings in my body needed to be fixed badly , my organs were failing . That some person ran me over and broke my back in 14 places . My liver was split in half and they had removed one kidney. He told me with tears in his eyes that I probably won’t be riding my bike for awhile . I am screaming at this point that he was lying I would know if all these drastic injuries and surgeries were real. Because surely I would be able to feel them ? I believed I had only been asleep for 12 hours . NO sound however was coming out of my mouth and the fear set in. He said there was a big tube through a hole they made in my throat to put my life support in . That I needed help breathing because of all the damage my organs couldn’t run by themselves. Not being able to speak I immediately tried to get out of the bed and found I couldn’t move at all .Next few weeks would be very hard on me emotionally . After being in the hospital so long the visitors had long since stopped coming my family only being able to come for an few hours once or twice a week. My mom couldn’t really deal with seeing her only daughter like this . My sons state now that I looked like some monster full of wires and plastic with machines beeping non stop tubes feeding me iv’s everywhere , dialysis tubes coming out my neck . I was a battered and extremely broke version of their mommy. At this point my youngest son Clinton had come to me and said “don’t worry mama I’ll teach you how to walk again” . I fought those doctors and nurses at every step to just be able to go home . At one point my dad was so concerned he had me deemed unfit and unsafe to myself and others for fear that I would enlist help to leave the hospital ( at one point I even succeeded for 3 hours) Weeks would go by before I was deemed barely fit to leave the hospital in a wheelchair with poison drains coming out of my stomach still from abscesses from all the surgeries .Going home was very overwhelming to say the least . I had only Dave who was an active meth user to take care of me . To bring me food , bring me the bedpan , change it , change my drainage bandages , to give me sponge baths and so much more that I had not even considered . He would disappear for days at a time leaving me terrified and I was getting so sick , breathing was extremely hard . At some points I begged to die for it all just to stop hurting ( manic depression ) they said I had . Back to the hospital for 2 more weeks . I would finally come for a few weeks to get my affairs in order they said because I needed a kidney transplant badly or I would die . I was a recovering drug addict and at that point Canadian law stated that the addicts of any kind would not be fit to receive transplant at the risk of relapse . I wasn’t giving up yet though . I was forced to go through this nightmare this far and I would be damned if I lye down and die . I found out that in the UK you can actually get transplants from living donors and by the grace of God and the angels I seemed to have guarding me I found a donor match and went through the tedious ordeal of traveling to the UK have my surgery , pay for it and fly home .At this point my hopes and dreams were shattered . Living a normal happy life was forever destroyed. Then one day I fell out of my bed while trying to reach for something . That day is day my world changed yet again . I lay on the floor of my trailer screaming for help crying screaming more . Nobody was coming to help me . Bout 2 hours after being on the floor I began thinking how I could maybe pull myself up to the bed by using my laundry to make small piles lifting me higher each time . Took me prbably 5 hours but I was on my knees !! Few more hours a very shaky ,nauseous me was standing enough to flop on my bed !!! Thank God because I was ready to pass out lol Laying there after a good nap I started thinking that if I managed to do what I had done then maybe they were wrong , maybe the doctors and surgeons, nurses and specialists were WRONG . If I could get to standing surely I could take a few steps and maybe just maybe I would walk again ?……. 2 months later I demand my wheelchair be taken away from my house I can walk the 1.5 blocks to the store before needing a rest and damned if I would ever sit in it again. One last appointment to get the poison drains out leaving my all of them STUNNED I had defied all odds of survival and walking again . Dr.Peter Blair my surgeon said I was ” a walking miracle” . My next new battle was lawyers/insurance and all the ugly that came with it and by now I was having seizures . I was declared a grand mal epileptic to the massive brain injury I had sustained . It seemed I win beat one major odd against me and be slammed by 2 more ( getting depressed again)2010 I am deathly ill from a disease I contracted in Surrey Memorial (MRSA) AKA the super bug as well as bronchial pneumonia . This is when I got an offer from a Facebook friend for the chance of a lifetime . He offered me a new life . Harry flew me to his home in Alberta where he had a bedroom made up for me . He says I mostly slept those first 6 months in between many doctors and hospital trips . I was getting better I had finally had the surgery to remove all 32 smashed teeth from his front end bumper. I also began going home to give back to my community 2 times a year to feed/cloth Surreys vast homeless and addicted population . The lawyers have just told me that the guy who hit me had been intoxicated but only received a 24 hour suspension. BAM all of a sudden I was angry . Angry that this all hadn’t been accident it could have been prevented??? I felt all alone and alienated because nobody in my world could possibly understand what I was going through. I met Marc my new bf in June 2011 . I moved to Hinton still suffering from now what was daily seizures . Marc never left my side , taking care of me ,Protecting me from myself. For about a year the seizures slammed me and in July 2012 they got so bad I was medivaced to the University of Albertas hospital spending the next 2 weeks in the neurology unit where they began the tedious task of trying to figure out what was happening before it was to late , before these seizures would kill me or make me kill myself . It wasn’t until December 2012 that I got the call . A new Neurologist thinks he can help I was admitted to Hinton Hospital for observation for a week where he came up wit a last ditch attempt to stop these seizures .By January 15th 2013 I had been seizure free thanks to the new medication he put me on that was rarely used for treatment of epilepsy. Only huge battle left is my breathing issues . My confidence in the world and life is getting better everyday. I have now found that sharing my story with others is helping me heal inside . Bringing awareness and educating people that drinking and driving can and does kill 4 people and seriously injures 187 every single day in Canada . I began communicating with an organization called Families for Justice getting petitions signed to make Canadas pathetic laws and sentencing for the drunks changed . To make these killers and habitual offenders be held accountable. At this point my only big complaint was that I have no bottom teeth sounds funny right? Blisters and constantly choking making wretched sounds wasn’t really funny though . I still am a facebook junky lol I had joined an fb page called BADD who had heard about me and my nightmare of a tale and they shared a small part of it. That’s when I really knew I wouldn’t ever be alone again in this battle a drunk driver had engaged me in. There were people , lots of people who knew and understood because they had been there to. The support I received from BADD and it’s members was AMAZING is AMAZING . Thanks to BADD hopefully by xmas or shortly after I will have my brand new bottom teeth because of the generous donation of 90% of the money I need !!!!!!!!!! To the people at BADD and Danny especially you are my heroes . With your help and all the emotional support I am beginning to dream again , I see a bright future for me again. It may not be the old ” normal” that I grieved so long for but it’s my new normal and I am grateful for it .