Another Victim Needs Help

VictimDaniel Jay Bell was riding his bike on 11/19/2011. Defendant failed to yield the right of way and made a U-turn in front of him. Mr. Bell’s right leg was trapped under the motorcycle and pinned at the curb. It occurred in Dallas, Texas. Drunk driver (BAC .272) did not have insurance and the owner of the vehicle, his wife did not have insurance on the vehicle. He did have a minimal UIM policy, which was tendered right away to him. He cannot work and cannot drive. His right leg was amputated and he was put on medical leave at work.They will pay his insurance premiums until Feb 12th 2012 at that point he will have to go on COBRA and will have to pay his own premium. He will not be meeting with the prosthetic people until Feb. 1st so it will be late Feb. before he even gets a chance to put a new leg on, which will cost approx. 45,000.00.