" Art director profession"

An art director is a manager and creative person who ensures the creation of creative projects and helps clients solve their problems. The specialist should have great knowledge in the field of design, art, track fashion trends, have unconventional thinking and a sense of beauty.

Job Locations

An art director is needed in many organizations that require not only creativity but also organizational skills. These may include:

  • trade and production companies
  • publishing houses
  • advertising agencies
  • design studios
  • branding agencies.

The responsibilities of an art director are as follows:

  • creating and developing a creative product or project concept
  • creation of design solutions, as well as layouts and sketches
  • designer's supervision of projects
  • preparation of presentations
  • planning the work of the department and preparation of reports
  • task control in accordance with the deadlines
  • interaction with partners.

Sometimes the job description of the art director includes:

  • organizing and conducting photo and video shoots
  • strategy formation and sales planning
  • participation in tenders.

How to become an art-director

To become an art director you have to have a higher education (as a rule art education) and work experience (preferably in the field of advertising). Beginners can start their career as a manager in a design studio or a designer.

Art director salary

How much does an art director get paid? Beginning specialists can count on a salary of 30 to 40 thousand rubles per month. Art-directors with long experience of work and with successful projects offer a salary from 50 to 150 thousand rubles per month depending on task responsibility.

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