Ted G. Cox

In Memory of Ted G. Cox. I am writing to you because a good friend was killed by a drunk driver Sunday Oct 5th, 2003. We would greatly appreciate it if you would put his memory on your site. Ted G. Cox, born June 2nd,1953 was taken from us on October 5th , 2003 at 12:30 am, by a 22 year old driving under the influence of alcohol and methanphetmines. He was travelling in excess of 80mph and struck Teddy from behind as he slowed for a set of railroad tracks; he was killed on Karcher Rd, Nampa, Idaho. The 22yr old kid had a pending DUI, that he hadn’t even gone to court for yet. Teddy was an awesome righteous man and left behind many family and friends. He was taken from us way too soon . We all love you and miss you Teddy. Your memory will not be forgotten.