Patricia Lynn Uhl

On October 14, 1989 my mother Patricia Lynn Uhl was killed in a motorcycle accident when a drunk driver hit her and her boyfriend, I was 7. My mother was killed instantly, and her boyfriend had multiple injuries and lost his leg. The man who did this served 3 years to our life sentence. To make matters worse he was in the news paper for a DWI less than a month after my father was killed. There was an article in the paper about mother and her boyfriend and how he had been drinking and driving the night he hit them and killed my mother. Because more than 10 years past they could not do anything about it. I also had an uncle who was killed in a motorcycle accident before I was born, when a truck ran a stop sign.This is proof we need better and harsher laws to protect bikers and there families! Great Job with your site! Sincerely, Amanda East