David Fintonis

Crash Anniversary: September 30, 2001 On September 30, 2001, I, Christina Fintonis, my husband, David Macduff/Fintonis,and our two children David J. Macduff/Fintonis, age 4, and Kelsey Macduff/Fintonis, age 3, were in our car sitting at a red light. When we got the green light, my husband proceeded into the intersection. The drunk driver came crashing into us on the driver’s side of our car. He hit us so hard he pushed our car up on the sidewalk through a light pole and into a local bank parking lot. My husband and son were on the driver’s side where we got hit. My husband and daughter were on life support for a month. My son, David, died about an hour-and-a-half after the crash. I survived the crash with a broken collar bone and a concussion and was released from the hospital a few hours later. Then I had to go to another hospital were my husband and daughter were taken and stayed there with them. My daughter was finally released a few days before Halloween, and my husband wasn’t released until November 15, 2001. Our family, friends, and my son David’s friends miss him dearly and hope that drunk drivers will finally have the punishment they deserve! Hopefully, people will think twice before they drink and drive.