David, Deseray, Donald and Mickey Moore

On July 13 2003 my son David and daughter Deseray were killed along with their Father Donald and his brother Mickey by a drunk driver on interstate 85 in Opelika Alabama.The drunk driver got on 85 going the wrong way and hit my family head on and killing everybody,including himself.David was 14 years old.1 month away from being 15 and Deseray was 13.They were my only children and will be my only children,I can not have any more children.A day does not go by with out them on my mind.Forever in my heart and my memories. I love them so much and miss them terribly.Some days I think my heart is going to explode.Some say it gets easier but to me it doesn’t get easier it gets barely bearable to me and it has been 4 years for me……..My father was killed due to a motorcycle wreck in 1977.I was 5 years old.He was drinking.he was hit by a truck and died of head trauma on the way to the hospital.He lived 10 minutes before he died.my mother was killed due to a car wreck.I was 7 years old.she was drinking.She died instantly..David and Deseray were killed instantly and so was their father and uncle.