Barry Peterkin

On thanksgiving weekend in 1996 I was 15 years old. I had woke up and found out that my father was killed in a car accident. The accident was caused by drunk driving. My father who was the passenger in a vehicle that was being operated by a drunk driver who was apparently friends with my father suddenly smashed into a telephone poll on a side street in Innisfil, Ontario, Canada. My father had flew out the window and was killed instantly. When the cops arrived to the scene the driver of the vehicle had the nerve to try to place the keys into my dead fathers hand while my fathers body lays on the street dead just to make the cops think that my father was driving the vehicle. It turns out that my father was getting a ride home from a party with someone he did not really know well and paid the price. The reason why BADD is such an important organization to me is because my father had a love for motorcycles and loved his 1973 Shovelhead which I now own and charish. He babied that bike and lived the biker lifestyle, he had a passion for riding and would park it in the living room during the winter. I will always remember him and I thank BADD for having such a good cause. Last year I had found out that the guy who killed my father had been out of jail for awhile and recentley did the same thing to another family. It turns out that the guy who killed my father while driving drunk did not learn and killed another innocent victim while he was driving drunk again. This As*h*l* (Jeffery Dressler, you can delete his name if you want) did not learn and unfortunetly another family had to suffer when he hit and killed their family member. This makes Jefferey Dressler the only person in Canadian history to kill 2 people on 2 seperate different occausions by drunk driving. I also heard he maybe the only person in the world to have done this. A long time has passed and my tattoo artist and myself would like to share a few memorial pieces he has done on my arm that are dedicated to my father. Steve at Thrive studios in Kitchener, Ontario really worked wonders with this tattoo and I highly reccommend him for not just for biker tattoos but any tattoos. Steve drew up this shovelhead motor that was my fathers and wrote my fathers initials and dates in the motor with a script undernete saying ride in peaces. Thank you Steve you out did your self again and my father would be amazed with your work. Ride in Peace: Barry Peterkin