B.A.D.D. is a 36-year-old community organization.

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Strong Support From Longtime Member

December 14, 2020

  I am a motorcycle activist/enthusiast,VP of American Honor Guards, Racer ( AHRDRA & AMRA) , rider and race official for MotoAmerica. Over the decades I’ve collected memorabilia and various collectables related to the industry.  I have decided to bequeath, by auction upon my death all proceeds from the sale of my collectables to BADD. […]

From the Zebra: Drunk Driving Statistics

June 17, 2020

Behind distracted driving, drunk driving is the number one cause of most car accidents in the US and, by far, the most deadly. Alcohol physically changes the brain’s chemistry and inhibits common sense, fear, and motor skills.

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BADD supports the Trusty Family

May 19, 2020

My twin brother, Michael Trusty (Navy Seabee First Class) was in a motorcycle accident while riding his 2019 Harley Davidson Street Glide Special (blacked out) to Norfolk Base in Virginia Beach, VA on November 4, 2019. He had recently purchased his bike for Harley of New Orleans around Memorial Day in May 2019. He was headed to work when a 16 year old girl turned left into his left side on the bike. My brother and his bike landed approximately 20 feet (or more) away from the accident site. He was unconscious when the EMTs arrived.

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Daniel’s Survivor Story

December 25, 2013

From Survivor Daniel Jay Bell : My name is Daniel Jay Bell on November 19, 2011 I was hit by a drunk and lost my right leg. The day started out like any other Saturday met up with the guys for a little ride bouncing from place to place. After our last stop we decided […]

A New Dawn – A Victim’s Story

December 19, 2013

From Dawn Davis, Danny and everyone at BADD… you can’t imagine how flabbergasted I was when your check arrived from the Victim’s Assistance Fund, my jaw hit the floor, I couldn’t speak, and tears filled my eyes. Your incredible support, emotional and financial, has been a God send. I was able to buy Sophia a […]

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This group is highly focused on getting the message out. Recently lost a local Northern VA couple riding two-up when a drunk driver turned left in front of them. This has got to stop. Too many bikers and friends in cages have had serious contact/encounters with drunk or distracted drivers. I stand behind B.A.D.D. and […]

My boyfriend lost his leg to a drunk driver on Galveston Island, we had ridden down there with friends for the weekend. This is the first I’ve seen of this organization but I will put my support behind it 100%. With every ones help we can put an end to bikers and others alike from […]

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