2013 Raffle Winners

Joy Matthews Winner
Grand Prize Winner Joy Mathews, Ticket# 8887872. Joy chose the White and Red 1965 Cobra repro and the Thunder Mountain NASCAR custom Harley. Joy and her husband picked up tickets in Key West during Christmas vacation
David Banks, Ticket # 8243786 David won the 1959 Chevy Apache Pick Up Truck and took the cash prize instead. David grabbed his tickets at the St. Laurent Mall in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Nancy Loev, Ticket # 9368895 Nancy Gets the Black and White Sucker Punch Sally 1958 Panhead Duo She Supported BADD in Key West this January
Jacqueline Woerner, Ticket # 8670959 Jackie supported us big time as she has done the past 6 years. She had 1500 tickets in the barrel and won the Thunder Mountain NASCAR Custom Bike
Carl Boone, Ticket # 9371139 Carl picked up his tickets in Key West and chose the Scott Jacobs Art Litho “After The Ride”
  Other Winners
Ivan McDonell, Ticket # 8132808 Ivan picked up his tickets at St. Laurent Mall in Ottawa, Canada and chose the Condor Motorcycle Chock System
Suzie Maguschak, Ticket # 8554192 Suzie chose the Teal and Black Sucker Punch Sally 1958 Panhead Duo. She grabbed her tickets at Destination Daytona back in November
Hirum Martin, Ticket # 7363498 Hirum wins the Fine Art Litho of “Gloria” from David Uhl